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Fun Facts


Customize Art to Your Needs
You are offered almost endless possibilities in terms of custom designs, colors, sizes, media, materials and energies. Existing and custom pieces can be designed and created or reproduced in various media for your residential, commercial, hospitality, public or other needs.

How about acrylic/plexiglass, wood, metal, stone, fabric or tapestries, etc., in addition to canvas, paper and wood panels? If you’d like a special energetic, your need can be met. Don’t know which energy you want or need most? I can help you identify what’s best for you. And, we can do this just as easily by distance as in person.

Reproductions as Powerful Energetically
You are offered archival pigment, fine art giclee reproductions on your choice of canvas, fine art paper, aluminum and acrylic. Most of the artworks you see on this site are offered as limited editions. And, you’ll enjoy the same energetics as emanated by the original pieces. To best suit your needs, contact me to discuss sizes, media, color palette, pricing, etc.

Getting the Most from This Metaphysical Art

Simply purchase and enjoy the art for
  its beauty, creativity and aesthetic
  enhancement for your home, workplace
  or other commercial enterprise.
You and your environment will feel more
  comfortable, peaceful and positive,
  among other attributes, because this art
  radiates the palpable energy of its title.
By intention, breathe in the energy
  radiating from the art, filling your body
  with that energy three times or more.
  Whenever you wish, repeat this process
  to treat yourself to the energy and
  enhanced wellbeing.
To further enhance the quality of your
  life, contemplate or meditate on the
  titles, symbolism, energies, etc. Ask for
  more of that quality or feeling in your
  life. Write or journal how you can
  experience more of it. Let the energy of
  the painting bathe you as you do so.
  Work with each painting for a given time
  period, such as one month each.

So What’s Sacred Geometry?
Sacred Geometry is the way the essential creative mystery of God is made visible, from the binding forces within atoms to the shapes and composition of galaxies. It provides an architectural foundation for scientific and spiritual knowledge and, as such, has been taught for millennia in multiple spiritual traditions.

In offering direct, practical access to spiritual and material forces of Creation, sacred geometry has been applied since ancient times in “symbolic” patterns of art and philosophy. Moreover, it can transform our own life energy, awareness and the world around us.

Changing the World
The power of these designs to transform individual and collective consciousness can be multiplied exponentially by the quantity of designs out in the world. Beyond paintings for walls, I can envision these designs for such media as paper-based products (greeting cards, calendars, posters, card decks, etc.), wood, fabric (clothing, tapestries, quilts, etc.), sculpture, coasters and stained glass. Also for housewares (kitchen, bed and bath), jewelry, porcelain, ceramics, etc. You name it.

If you are or know an art consultant, an appropriate gallerist, a licensing agent, or artist representative or agent, any help/contacts you might offer in these regards would be much appreciated. And, you may have well helped make a larger difference in the world by doing so.

Discount Offer
With each art purchase, you can take advantage of a 25% discount toward a one-hour personal empowerment consultation (using the energy of these designs and much more), or a one-room environmental upgrade in your home or workplace. Such life-enhancing consultations can bring remarkable results equally as well by distance as in person. Try it and you just might like it — and not want to leave home without it!


"The Kingdom"

“The mathematical rules of the universe are visible to men in the form of beauty.”
  John Michell (English philosopher, antiquarian, geometer, writer)
“God ever geometricizes.”
“There is a geometry of art as there is a geometry of life, and, as the Greeks had guessed, they happen to be the same.”
  Matila Ghyka
“The distribution of energy follows definite paths which may be studied by means of geometric construction.”
  Samuel Colman
“Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent.”
“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”
  Albert Einstein
“Numbers are the sources of form and energy in the world.”
  Theon of Smyrna
(2nd C. A.D.)
“The geometer’s aim, therefore, is to imitate the universe symbolically… by bringing together shapes of different geometric orders, uniting them as simply and accurately as possible and thus creating a cosmic image.”
  John Michell


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